Frequently Asked Questions

1How Does It Work?

Once you have made the decision to embrace Life Coaching, all you need to do is get in touch with me and I will email you a questionnaire to complete. This will enable me to gain more knowledge on where you are now in your life, and what you want to achieve. With this information, I can provide you with the overall approach we need to move forward with, in order to turn your goals into reality. I will work closely with you during weekly/bi-weekly sessions (over the phone or via a video call) to sculpt specific goals that are customized to your unique needs, and create realistic strategies and a plan of action to ensure that the desired result comes to light.

2How Long Does Life Coaching Typically Take?

This question has no right or wrong answer. Life coaching is an in-depth personal journey, which some people complete sooner than others. It is entirely in your hands, and can be given a specific time frame or be left open-ended. There is no end to your journey of fulfillment! With that said, packages are available! In your complimentary discovery session, together we can determine which package feels best to you!

3How Often Do I Meet With The Coach, And For How Long?

On average, coaching sessions occur once a week at a set time, lasting approximately 45 to 60 minutes. If needed, sessions can even occur bi-weekly, or be rescheduled with notice in advance. Sessions longer than 60 minutes are available on request.

4Q: How should I prepare for my Coach and Walk session?

A: We recommend you check the weather and make sure you dress appropriately. For instance, pack an umbrella if rain is on the cards, or a hat and sun lotion if the sun will be out. You’ll want to bring a bottle of water no matter what. Most importantly, remember to check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling. Many of my clients like to take a break and stretch before, after, or even during their Coach and Walk session. If you ever feel the need to pause for any reason, don’t hesitate to let me know. We can take as many breaks as you need.

5Q: Can I hire you as a life and health coach and opt for Coach and Walk sessions later?

A: Absolutely. After each package is complete, you are welcome to renew or adjust it accordingly.

6If I sign up for Life and Health Coaching, can I do Coach Walks as well?

Yes! Absolutely, Coach Walks are an option for ALL of my clients. (Please consult with your family practitioner before committing to any new exercise program)

If there’s anything you are still unclear about, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to helping you make the healthy transformation you are seeking!

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