During every session you listened to me carefully with all ears. You championed me, supported the good side of me. After every session, you sent me a follow-up email, summarizing the events that we talked. I always liked to read these notes, to see how you heard me, how I am perceived. It would be great to reread them later to see the change and the growth. You also helped me to improve myself as a coach. You were generous to share with me your documents like work and life values and open ended questions. You told me how you deal with your customers, you shared some of your experience as a coach. These were all useful to me. In short you helped me as a client and as a coach. It has been amazing to feel close to someone who actually was too far away. I feel lucky to have met you. Thanks for all these Julia!

Filiz U. Turkey

Julia is a trustworthy, high performing and effective coach with strong integrity and an unwavering passion for helping others make their dreams a reality. She is full of energy, life and commitment for the work she is doing. Julia consistently delivers exceptional value and exceeds her clients’ expectations by helping them fully explore their own path forward. With her coaching, I was able to understand on a deeper level what is important to me, what inspires me, and what I can do to make that real for me... and I have! Julia is one of the most uplifting people that I know. Coaching truly is a gift of hers and I'm definitely one of her beneficiaries.

Rosalie C. Florida

I have been working with Julia for over a year now and it has been the most amazing experience. I would not have thought to look for a life coach, but I met Julia at a workshop she was holding and we connected right off the bat. When I started working with Julia I was looking for a new career and she helped me hone in on what would be best for me and held me accountable for the steps I needed to take to find the perfect job. I have now been working for an amazing company for over 8 months and she has helped me find balance in all aspects of my life. There have been many times that I wasn't sure what I wanted to focus on when I was scheduled to meet with Julia and every time I have felt that something great has come from our meetings and I understand myself so much better. If you are even thinking that you might want some support outside of your regular support system, reach out to Julia. She is amazing, full of positivity and a joy to work with!

Dina N. California

Safe, supported and heard...that's how I felt during my interaction with Julia. I'm amazed at her patience and excellent listening skills, which supported me in my journey of expansion and self-discovery, just when I needed it most. Thanks Julia, for being my Shadow!

Mahnaz H. Dubai

There's no one better than Julia when it comes to me learning more about myself. She is truly gifted in the art of creating a sacred environment for communication and has empowered me to be a better man for my family and the other people in my life!

Matthew M. Georgia

From the very first session I had with Julia she made me feel very comfortable and because of this, I felt very relaxed. Julia is a beautiful, warm and curious lady who uses a lot of her intuition and evokes transformation during the session. Because of all that, she is truly making me see things more clearly in my life, one session at a time. During our sessions I feel that Julia is deeply listening to me and the questions she asks are very powerful. This makes me think more thoroughly before I answer.

Tammy v U. Bali

Julia is a very valuable Coach. She is intuitive, a very good listener and gives lot of value in the coaching session.

Ashish A. Germany

Working with Julia has been a gift. Her coaching has led me to a path of discovering my life's purpose, self love, and peace in my relationships. Every session I feel understood, listened to, and that large amounts of progress has been made. She gently and skillfully guides me in the process of discovering my true life goals by recognizing and replacing patterns and beliefs I'd adopted. Julia has an intuitive way about working with me from exactly where I am to where I want to go! My life has been renewed and I have new enthusiasm for life and the journey I am now on thanks to her wisdom and guidance.

Sara S. Utah

Julia Kay has always been very supportive and open to talk. Her positivity has had an impact on my day to day life.

Anna R. California

Julia has been instrumental in giving me the tools and confidence to follow my dreams and launch my new creative career. She is motivating, encouraging, and wise beyond her years. I would highly recommend her coaching for any area in your life that is holding you back. With her help, you can achieve your aspirations!!

Lisa N. California

I started college earlier this year and had many fears and anxieties. What if I don’t make life long connections? Will people like me? What will my future look like? How will I get out of debt? These questions filled my brain on a daily basis. Talking to Julia made me feel sooo much better. She listened to all my concerns about my life while also giving me a new confidence I never had before. Julia helped to clear my mind and help me focus on what my next steps to success should be. As a college student I did not even know a life coach was an option, but after meeting with such a positive and sweet coach like Julia, I have made huge progress in becoming the best version of myself. Forever grateful!

Gianna G. California

I highly recommend Your Greatest Day! Julia Kay brings fabulous energy to every life she touches and can help you find your best you!

Tara P. California

During the last 3 to 4 months Julia has worked with me on teaching me to prepare meals and planning ahead. Also, realizing how important this is to be successful on my journey with weight loss and being able to maintain my weight loss. She is always there to listen to me and give me suggestions whether it be on my personal issues (family, work, etc.) or planning a meal. During our weekly phone conversations, I may not always have felt the best at the start of our conversation, but after I always feel so uplifted from her positive comments about me and encouraging me to keep going, and not to give up! She is not only my life coach but a good friend too!

Sharon H. California

Julia Kay's services at Your Greatest Day as a coach are outstanding. With her gentle, optimistic, encouraging, life enhancing nudge, and her authentic sharing, you feel at home, at ease to be yourself and let her pull that best self from you and let you shine. It's hard to put into words the loving power her positivity has on people all around. I say "she's the real deal" because she walks her truth, her power and her beauty with authencity AND with the certifications to back up her programs.

Lorna C. California

Julia weaves a beautiful blend of compassionate validation along with business savvy, inspiring inquiry and motivating action steps. Every time we meet, I not only feel “seen and heard”, I leave with a clear picture of what I will do next towards my end goal. I love that I never feel judged or worried of sharing my viewpoint or fears. For me, that is invaluable in a coach. Working with Julia is a must if you are ready to level up in your business and life!

Kris O. California

Julia’s motto, “Your Greatest Day” could not possibly be more apropos for what she is helping me to create. Julia has a way of consistently encouraging me to embrace the possibilities for my life and career to create the type of life I have always dreamed about. She invariably sends me on my journey of self-discovery with light and love, and follows up with a life-affirming synopsis and challenge. By creating a safe space where I am free to completely let go of fear of judgment or looking foolish, Julia encourages me to discover what has been hidden in me, and I am learning to make every day “My Greatest Day”.

Kathleen B. Washington

I've been working with Julia for 9 months now and have found her to be an invaluable source of support during this period of transition and adjustment in my life. She has the ability to tune in and meet your needs exactly where you are emotionally, with compassion and empathy. She has helped me to figure out how to set intelligent and worthwhile goals for my future, and has helped me to follow through by breaking things down into doable steps. During this whole process I have taken comfort in knowing that I had someone like Julia walking with me and supporting me through this journey.

Leslie H. California

Julia is a true beauty inside & out. Always inspiring others while loving & living her life to the fullest. I sincerely love this lady and all she does. Her biz is really her calling. Grateful to be a part of her life.

Anna W. California

Julia's logical thinking, excellent intuition and vibrant, warm energy have made her an integral part of my life. She always has tips and guidance that is spot on for whatever it is I am working through as a business owner and single female navigating the dating world. After one session I was able to increase my productivity and decrease my stress level. If you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or in need of a little help professionally or personally, I highly recommend Julia and Your Greatest Day, LLC!! She's an Angel.

Kitty B. California

I met Julia at the Women's Soul Collage event that she so gracefully hosted. I immediately loved her beautiful and inviting energy. She lead our group into a powerful exercise, a seven steps reflection process in creating more balance in our lives. Julia is a very knowledgeable and qualified coach. She is the absolute reflection of her mission which is to share the greatness that we hold inside and she can lift us up to realize that destiny.

France B. California

I'm writing this testimonial for Julia Kay, because she has been one of the most important "forces" in the transformation of my life to being a leader. Julia came into my life like an angel as my emotional mentor and life coach. She was full of love, positive energy, passion, and commitment for the work she was doing. Even after just a short conversation, she opened my eyes to the power of the "universe" and the importance of developing my confidence without any agenda. As a result of my association with Julia, I have followed her lead to find balance and happiness by setting goals and creating a vision that my family and others now look up to. As a direct result of Julia’s coaching, encouragement, enthusiasm, believing, deep listening, and insight, I have been super happy and confident every single day. I have become a strong woman who has no fear, because of Julia’s example and unique coaching practice. I can - without reservation - recommend her to you! And there is no time to waste in your journey to be the happiest person you can be!!!

Eiko B. California

Self-confidence was practically an urban legend in my life before I started working with Julia as my life coach. She is like an optometrist for the soul!!! How I viewed myself was warped, blurred, prohibiting, and out of focus. Thanks to her expert and heartfelt guidance, she has helped me correct how I see myself. In a short period of time, she has allowed me to learn to love and appreciate who I am. She has taken my hand and helped me break down the glass ceilings in my life that I created with my own constrictive and negative thought patterns. Opportunity for growth has never felt so high and attainable. I am so grateful for her transforming my mindset and therefore my life!

Sarah H. California

Julia is a pure shining light and this is exactly what she brings to her clients' lives. She's like a positive ball of energy and guiding light that helps us become the best version of ourselves, happier, and magnets to an abundant life. When working with Julia, she helps you recreate your life on your own terms so you can experience more joy, love, and financial freedom.

Josee B. California

Julia radiates health, beauty, authenticity and kindness. She draws you to her with her fine tuned ability to listen and to care. Even in a crowded room, Julia stays focused on you and your conversation. A rare gift! Julia is the kind of coach who walks her talk while meeting people where they are at without judgement and empowering them to strive for their goals. Julia’s professional expertise along with her warmth and belief that we all deserve to live each day as our greatest day create endless possibilities for her clients’ success.

Sky J. California

Julia is the type of coach one might enjoy having for their entire life! I have no doubt that I will be working with her on and off for a very long time because she is exactly the type of coach I need... empathetic, super smart, a fabulous listener and someone who is always seeking more information, training and new ideas for her clients. She truly CARES about helping you in any way she can and has a keen insight as to what that is, to expedite success in all areas of your life.

Lynn B. California

Julia is a dedicated, inspiring, generous life coach, not only supporting others to transform their lives, but doing it herself too. She is an active and involved mom, very devoted to her family, taking care of herself and her health, and sharing with others her gift for coaching and vast professional experience. Julia is very involved in the community and I highly recommend her!

Carmenza D. California

Julia is the winning combination of beauty kindness, intelligence, grace and a passion for living life to its fullest. She has an inner drive to lift you up and help you see your incredible worth and gifts and help you make them a reality. She has such an inspiring gentle spirit that nourishes you and gives you insights and confidence to bloom into your own magnificence.

Deborah Y. California

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Julia and found an immediate connection with her. She opened up the space to allow me to choose the direction the direction of the conversation, while tapping into her intuitive gifts to steer me gently. As a new business owner, I came to her questioning my value, my message and my methods. As we parted, I had gained great clarity of purpose, a better understanding of myself and what I wanted for my clients, and an abundance of energy to pursue my next steps. Her support, encouragement and guidance was invaluable during this tender time of growth for my business and my identity as a coach and business owner.

Laura W. Texas

Julia is a wonderfully caring and compassionate coach and person. When we work together I can tell that she believes in me and is truly invested in me and my success. Julia is a fabulous listener and gives thoughtful, insightful feedback. While working with Julia I have been able to discuss and improve personal areas of my life such as my health, my relationships, and my friendships as well as work on my business. She is qualified and knowledgeable in all of those areas and has helped me move forward with all of them. Julia provides support and authentic care for her clients. I would highly recommend Julia to anyone looking for a Life Coach.

Juliette S. California

Julia has a lightness and brightness about her. I love the happiness she brings to everything we do together. The knowledge and insight she brings into her coaching has been spot on, which is one of the reasons I continue to work with Julia. I highly recommend Julia and don't underestimate her quite demeanor, Julia is a great listener and there's always a lot going on in in that head of hers!

Lori W. California

I recently joined Julia’s New Goals, New You accountability group. Julia brought together a beautiful group of women who connect each month via a zoom call for monthly sharing and support in a safe environment. Julia has all the qualities and credentials you would look for in a coach and group moderator. She gives each individual the space they need to speak about what is on their mind and then re-affirms and guides us in a gentle, caring way. At the end of the call I always feel everyone has had plenty of time to give and receive help and support. Julia (and the group) recently supported me in stepping into one of my big goals for this year, developing and giving my first workshop. Julia graciously offered me additional support in a a pre-workshop phone call and by arriving early to help me prepare. I am excited to see what the future brings not only for me, but for the amazing women I am sharing this experience with!

Roni M. California

Julia is truly a phenomenal coach who brings such light and love into her practice. Her sensitivity and insight never cease to amaze me. She coached me through some very challenging issues, and, during our work together, she’s helped me design (and travel) a better path of happiness and health. With kindness and expansive patience, Julia listens between the lines. She helped me stay on course and discern what's most important, keeping me focused during every session. Another one of Julia's many strengths is her ability to balance her empathy and generosity with solid objectivity, which only an exceptionally skilled coach can do. Julia is a truly gifted coach and teacher. I feel truly fortunate to be be one of her clients!

Constance W. California

Julia’s been a huge cheerleader and supporter throughout all of the major things I have had going on recently. She always has incredible suggestions on how to approach problems how to assess the things that worry me the major concerns I had both personally and professionally. I really like her creativity in helping me think outside the box and really get to know and understand myself.

GP. California

Julia Kay is fantastic to work with! She is very well organized and helps ME stay very well organized. I love how her coaching keeps me on track to achieve my goals. I highly recommend her!

Christina H. California

Julia is an amazing coach and resource! She made a 3 day intensive course, which would typically be very difficult for me sit through, very enjoyable and kept the class engaged and participating. I really appreciate her energy, positivity and ability to provide a sacred space - it made all the difference for an effective learning experience. Thanks Julia!

Stephanie E. Florida

I highly recommend Julia kay as a coach because Julia has always been very supportive and open to talk. Her positivity has had an impact on my life. She is very well organized and helps ME stay very well organized, too. She has a great tools to help you think through your intentions for all aspects of your life.

Bandar A. New York

Julia's Mastermind was my introduction to this type of program and I am forever grateful! Julia is such a light and always brings a great perspective to everyone's experience. Fortunately for me, at that time we were able to get together in person and she hosted the group at her wonderful home at the end of each session, which in itself was magical. Due to schedule conflicts I have been unable to continue, but hope that changes in the future.

Lori W. California

I am so grateful to Julia and all I have achieved in the 2 years I have worked with her. Julia possesses 2 rare qualities that I believe are essential for me. She is a warm, genuine, compassionate soul who can listen attentively and then intuitively sense what the underlying need is. Her ability to co-create a goal with you and concretely help you to achieve it is amazing to experience. I felt that I was able to understand more about who I am within the safety she provides and then push out of my comfort zone to manifest what I am here to do. I cannot recommend Julia more. She is a natural coach.

Kris. O. California

I attended Julia’s Vision Board workshop and I LOVED EVERY SECOND!!! The random pictures in the magazines turned out to make my “dreams” come to life! It was a lot of fun chatting with the other ladies as we made our boards! Julia provided spot coaching as well as supported our group in how to work towards our new found vision of dreams. This workshop was very helpful for me and I will absolutely be taking another one soon!

Bonnie S. California

Julia’s Vision Board workshop was a glorious afternoon of creativity and dreaming! It was fun to think of things that could be ....whether a lovely bouquet of flowers, a fun destination, or an organized closet arrangement. It opened the doors of possibility! Your assignment from there was... make it happen! A lovely day with a gracious hostess and friends.

Shirley C. California

Julia’s vision board class was unlike any I had attended. She really helped me to focus on my heart’s true goals and desires. The vision board I created not only keeps me focused on my goals and dreams, but keeps me feeling hopeful and inspired in my path to those dreams!

Sara S. Utah

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